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The Argus Black is a unique and compact device which protects your Bikes from theft. The Argus Black enables the owner of the bike to not just locate the vehicle, but also mobilize / immobilize it using a very simple mobile phone! In the event of theft, this device immediately sends SMS alerts to users about ongoing unauthorised operations, thus keeping the user alert about the situation. This device works on complete GSM-based, cutting-edge technology, transmitting commands globally even in the absence of the user around the vehicle.

Bike Security Systems (BSS)

Bike Security to prevent stealing of vehicles Receive GPS signals quickly, exactly track target so that gives the thieves no chance.

By GPS system, it tracks equipment location information accurately, avoid vehicle stolen and have alarm of burglar in abnormal situation, track vehicle location in real time, Ensure owner's safety, carry out rescue in case of emergency situation.

Features :

GSM system global used, monitoring at anytime and anywhere, response the location information in English exactly.

High sensitive GPS wafer and double external antenna GSM and GPS, can be located exactly even under weak signal.

There is a switch of power inside, can allow a wide range of voltage input.

You can use the SMS, internet and wap to get the information, support the control of moving platform.

Small dimension: 56(L) ×38(W) ×11.5(H) mm, very easy to hide.

Warnings will be given to your telephone immediately if your Bike is abnormal, it can intelligently protect your Bike at anytime.

It has the connection of the external relay to achieve the remote control of cutting the oil and electric, and according to the speed, it intelligently executes the order of safe shutdown.

Can replay the tracking record and search the historical position, also can download for storage.

Can set the forbidden zone, when the target is in or out of the district, you can receive the warning and the equipment's location information which including the target's location, speed, time etc.

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