Attention Fleet Owners !!! Now Install Advanced GPS tracker on RENT. ARGUS now provides you with the facility of installing our product Fleet Tracker (Vehicle Tracking System) also on rent.. Call on our Toll Free no : 1800 300 55555 for further details.

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The credit for envisioning ARGUS Electronic Security Systems Pvt Ltd. goes to our Chairman, Chetandas Motwani. It was his foresight that led to the establishment of ARGUS.

A thorough business futurist, Motwani was able to envision the untapped potential and industrial scope that lay within the Indian electronic security industry. Setting out to explore the same, he has contributed immeasurably to the success of Argus as one of the leading industry players today.

Highly sensitive to both surroundings – business as well as society – Motwani was always dismayed at the lack of appropriate security systems in India and the callous public attitude towards safety. He wished to turn this industrial neglect around, with the main aim of ensuring safety systems and mechanisms for a country increasingly being targeted by crimes on all fronts – local, national and global.

Reckoned as a stalwart within the Indian textile industry, Motwani’s core professional expertise lies in the manufacturing aspect of textiles. A pioneer of sorts, he has contributed tremendously to the growth of the Indian Textile Industry, putting in over forty years towards its development and progress. The innumerable achievements, awards and honors awarded to him by the Industry greats and the Government of India, speak volumes about his contributions.

His astute sense of business direction, coupled with his unflinching endeavors towards social upliftment through industrial progress, makes him one of the strongest and crucial pillars that holds aloft ARGUS.

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