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PA System

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Wooden Box Cabinet Speakers

Bosch loudspeakers offer a combination of quality, performance & innovation in Pulic Address. with over half a century of experience in professional audio, Bosch virtually meets all sound reinforcement system requiments.

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Paviro Controller

The PVA-4CR12 controller is the central paging manager for the PAVIRO system. Eight local audio inputs can be switched to four audio outputs. A two channel message manager is integrated. The controller provides all the audio processing, supervision and control functions for a complete PAVIRO system.

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Metal ceiling Loudspeaker

The speaker assembly consists of a single-piece, 6w dual cone loudspeaker and frame, with a 100 V, matching transformer mounted on the back. The music reproduction.

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paviro call station

The PVA-15CST is a call station for the PAVIRO system. As standard, the call station has a gooseneck microphone with pop shield and permanent monitoring, a total of 20 buttons, an illuminated LC display and be modified to suit the users requirements by connecting up to five PVA-20CSE call station

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paviro router

The PVA-4R24 24 Zone Router is a zone extension for the PAVIRO system. The PVA-4R24 24 zones, 20 GPIs, 24 GPOs and 2 control relays to the system and is controlled and supervised via the CAN bus by the PVA-4CR12 (Controller). Up to 20 externel routers can be connected to one controller.